Sheriff: 20-year-old boy charged for giving minor cocaine, alcohol at party

Published: Dec. 2, 2019 at 6:57 PM EST
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Officials from the Laurel County Sheriff’s Department said a 17-year-old girl was possibly assaulted at a house party Saturday night.

Officials said the girl, along with others at the party, were under the influence of cocaine and alcohol.

20-year-old Blake Shaw was at the party and eventually charged with having an unlawful transaction with a minor involving a controlled substance. Officials said Shaw introduced the 17-year-old girl to the cocaine and alcohol.

“If I would've known it would’ve happened, we wouldn't have even went to the party we would have just chilled,” said Shaw.

During the party, officials say, the teenage girl began having seizure-like symptoms. Public Affairs Deputy Gilbert Acciardo said Shaw along with two other people took the teenage girl to the hospital. Acciardo added they suspect the mix of drugs and alcohol contributed to her symptoms.

“While she was in route to the hospital she apparently had some type of seizure or some type of medical event of some sort,” said Acciardo.

Shaw stayed with the girl at the hospital while the other people who took her there left. While at the hospital, officials said the girl told workers she was assaulted at the party. A deputy and detective came to the hospital to interview her and Shaw.

“I knew as soon as I walked in the hospital with me being 20 and her being 17 that I was gonna be here (in jail)," said Shaw.

Shaw was arrested early Sunday morning. Officials do not believe he was responsible for the assault.

“I just wanted to make sure she was okay,” said Shaw.

Detectives are still working to find out where the house party took place. They know it happened somewhere off of KY-229.

Detectives are also conducting interviews to find out who possibly assault the teenage girl. Public Affairs Deputy Gilbert Acciardo said he expects more arrests to be made related to the case.

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