Sheriff: One man arrested after string of burglaries in the Busy community

Published: Nov. 13, 2019 at 10:04 PM EST
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The Perry County Sheriff's Office has been investigating break-ins in the Busy community for the past two weeks.

The thefts have all been the same. They are in outbuildings and storage areas and tools, chainsaws and other items are stolen.

On Wednesday, they arrested Travis Sumner and have a warrant out for Austin Baker.

"Interviewing, speaking with him we located a lot of the stolen property in related to these cases, and his name had come up in these cases too along with Austin Baker," said Perry County Sheriff Joe Engle.

The break-ins have all happened within two miles of each other and the same belongings are being stolen.

"You just feel violated," said Terry Thompson who was one of the people who was stolen from.

Early Friday morning Thompson left for work and then he got a phone call from his wife.

"She noticed everything out in the yard from the shed and she called my office and said, 'Are you cleaning out the shed?' I said no and she said, 'Well someone did,"' said Thompson.

Sumner and Baker were responsible and they both live in the Busy community.

"You could throw a rock from where each of them lives and hit the people's houses they were stealing off of," said Engle.

Thompson said he had a couple of thousand dollars worth of belongings taken including tools, a new stove and musical instruments.

"It's not really the money the worth cause all that stuff can be replaced. I just worry that people get a little braver and think hey I can break into somebody's home," said Thompson.

Thompson is now taking extra precautions.

"We've had some lighting you know some motion lighting but now we're installing cameras and things. So, it's kind of sobering to see that it's happening," said Thompson.

The sheriff's department says any burglary victims in the Busy community should contact them as they have recovered some of the stolen property.

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