Sheriff: Father slept while toddler wandered road in a dirty diaper

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LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - A Southern Kentucky father was taken to jail after police said he let his toddler wander around alone outside.

Michael Troy faces wanton endangerment charges.

The 31-year-old was arrested Thursday morning. Police said they found him asleep in the upstairs bedroom while his son was out walking on Hicks Lane in only a diaper and a t-shirt.

A passerby saw the three-year-old wandering down the road and called 911.

"He can't be no more than three years old, running around in the middle of the road," said the caller. "He's been throwing rocks at cars."

A neighbor told dispatchers they tried to alert the father.

"I have knocked on the door. I rang the doorbell. The door was left wide open," the neighbor said.

Police found the child on his front porch, dirty and with a diaper that needed changing.

From jail, Troy tells us he came home from work and went to sleep when the boy somehow got out, despite a locked deadbolt.

"I know something bad could have happened from it. I am glad it didn't," said Troy. "But it is just embarrassing that I am in here for it really."

"But the father should have had more control over the child. Because that is our responsibility, as parents, grandparents and guardians, is to see that our children don't get any harm," said Gilbert Acciardo with the Laurel County Sheriff's Office.

Troy went to court Friday morning. His son is with his mother.

"It is kind of scary because it is an honest mistake," Troy said. "It could happen to anyone."

Troy said Child Protective Services gave him a week to install door alarms that will alert him when his son opens the door from the inside.

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