Animal shelter announces plans for much needed renovations

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PERRY COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Workers at the Kentucky River Regional Animal Shelter in Perry County said the shelter has one of the worst shelter structures in Kentucky, but thanks to a grant, renovations are in the buildings near future.

“We're very excited about it, this is the first time the shelters really had anything since it's been here in 1988,” said Tammy Noble, the chairman of the board for the Kentucky River Regional Animal Shelter.

Among the renovations planned, Noble said new lighting fixtures, ventilation systems and air conditioning will all be installed as part of the renovations.

“We'll also have air conditioning in the summer, currently the animals don't have air conditioning in the summer,” said Noble.

Noble said the staff will not be the only ones benefitting from the improvements. Cosmetic repairs along with new kennels, a quarantine area for sick animals and a shower to clean the animals will allow the animals to be much healthier.

“We'll be putting in a lot of things that'll help the staff reach the kennels easier,” said Noble. “For the animals, they're going to be the ones to really get the biggest benefit."

Bid for the construction of the renovations begins Monday.

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