Seeing more snakes? Recent rain may be to blame

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(WYMT/WKYT) - The wet weather Kentuckians saw in the past week may be to blame for the increased snake sightings across the state.

Sister station WKYT talked to an expert about why more rain means more snakes. 

Nearly two-thirds of days in 2019 so far have seen precipitation. All that rain is causing problems for snakes, which is why they are coming out into the open.

"When we've had all this rain and all this flooding, then the snakes have to go somewhere else and sometimes that's in somebody's front yard or somebody's front bushes," said John MacGregor, a herpetologist with Kentucky Fish and Wildlife.

MacGregor said snakes are helpful to have around.

"They feed on rodents and birds and they eat starlings, English sparrows, mice and rats. And you're never bound to get rid of mice and rats," said MacGregor. "Snakes don't get in the house and gnaw on the wiring like mice do or squirrels, so if you're going to have backyard wildlife, it ought to be something like a snake."

Only a handful of the snake sightings have been copperheads. MacGregor said bites from venomous snakes in Kentucky are not deadly in most cases. If you ever get bitten by a snake, however, you should always get it checked out.

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