Seeing double? Kentucky high school has 10 sets of twins graduating

BOYLE COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Some may be seeing double at a central Kentucky high school graduation next week.

The graduating class has 10 sets of twins graduating on May 25th.

The Boyle County High School Class of 2019 will be remembered for a lot of things - academics, their success on sports teams, state championships - but this class will also be remembered for something unusual.

The graduating class has 10 sets of twins graduating on May 25th.

You can not say there was something in the water 17 or 18 years ago in Danville, as the twins are all from different places. Some are from out of state. And not all are identical. Even those who are identical do not look alike now because they purposely chose to change their appearances.

"We don't really think about it but we have basically grown up with a friend right next to each other. While we have had our fights, definitely, I think we are going to miss having someone who has a lot of your same interests right across the door," said Bryan and Keith Stocker.

With just 219 students graduating, these 20 kids make up nine percent of the total graduating class.

School officials said in future years, Boyle County will also have several triplets graduating together.

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