Secretary of State calling for more poll workers

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(WYMT) Secretary of State Allison Lundergan Grimes is calling for more poll workers for Tuesday's election.

"It takes 15,000 poll workers to conduct our elections across Kentucky. In each cycle, the State Board of Elections and our county clerks and local parties work hard to recruit poll workers to conduct our elections at the local level," Grimes said. "This year, we are facing a shortage, so we need more Kentuckians to answer the call and sign up."

Poll workers are paid a minimum of $10 for attending a mandatory training session before elections day, a minimum of $60 for working election day and a payment for mileage. Each county election board sets their own rate of pay.

Those interested in working the polls are required to abide by a handful of restrictions. They must be a registered voter, not be a candidate, not have changed their political party within the past year, or have a spouse or immediate relative on the ballot in the precinct they work in.

Individuals who have a desire to work the polls have until 5 p.m. Wednesday, the 16th to call 502-782-7402.

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