Search and rescue teams help injured hiker

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STANTON, Ky. (WYMT/WKYT) - Wolfe County Search and Rescue and Powell County Search and Rescue teamed up to help an injured hiker Saturday afternoon.

A hiker on Martins Fork Trail was injured after a fall and was unable to walk on his own.

"He stayed pretty dry, he was under the ledge and of corse its cold, but they found him immediately so he wasn't that far in thank goodness. He was smiling they said and really when he came down he was fine," said Lisa Johnson with Powell County Search and Rescue.

The two teams found the hiker below Military Wall.

The hiker was packed in a thermal wrap and carried out.

Our sister station WKYT reports, that Johnson also said the slick conditions on the path and cold temperatures makes hiking dangerous this time of year.

"Trees are falling, coming here today on the back roads we had a rock slide so, there's a lot of elements out there you have to look for when you're out hiking and I mean you can have the best of shoes on be the best hiker, doesn't mean you're not going to fall," said Johnson.

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