School Staff in Perry County learn how to make healthy lunch alternatives

HAZARD, Ky. (WYMT) - Hazard High School staff are learning how to make it easier to make sure students get their nutrients, by learning recipes that are healthy and tasty alternatives.

Staff are taking classes through Friday from a chef and nutritionist. Healthy recipes like sweet potato tots and fish wraps are among the list of foods staff are learning to prepare.

Instructors say the staff already have the knowledge and skills, but giving the staff tips will help them build upon what they already know.

"We are not doing anything. We are bringing the information here, but they already have the skills. Like the cafeteria workers here, they are brilliant and their presentation is already there," says Nick Wallace, Chef and Instructor.

Instructors say certain tips like cutting fruits and vegetables make foods more convenient for students, making them more likely to eat them.

All the staff participants get hands-on experience by splitting into teams to make the recipes they are shown.

The food nutrition and preparation training courses will last through Friday evening.

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