Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign: One volunteer, 27 years of bell ringing

Published: Dec. 4, 2019 at 7:10 PM EST
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It is that time of the season for the 129th Annual Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign. This campaign helps provide shelter and meals for the homeless and hungry, Christmas toys for children and social service programs to millions of people in need year-round.

When you hear those bells ring you know you will see that bright red bucket and more than likely you like see Sandra Davis. Davis has been ringing a bell and volunteering for the Salvation Army for 27 years.

"I'm lucky they will do it all the time cause I'm a cancer survivor," said Davis. She has had six surgeries to remove a tumor in her stomach and one knee replacements.

"And I used to walk in a chair, you know one of them chairs you push and did the bell ringing too.Sit down at the same time," said Davis. Still showing up for a cause that once helped her in a time of need.

Davis said the Salvation Army does more for people than anyone could know. Resulting in lower donations over the years, she believes people just don't understand where the money is going. Yet she continues to volunteer, hoping to spread the word.

"I've been to all of them. You name it I've been to all of them," said Davis. Volunteering at local Walmarts from Middlesboro, London, and Corbin. "You see the poor people donate more than sometimes the rich people."

Hoping that when others see someone donate it will compel them like it does Suzanne Lambdin.

"I hope it encourages them to do the same thing. I know a lot of people walk right by but I can't, I couldn't."

So the next time you see that bright red bucket and hear those bells remember you too can help someone this holiday season.

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