"Sad but not surprised': Community reacts to governor's orders to close Cumberland Falls State Park

Published: Apr. 10, 2020 at 3:52 PM EDT
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Thursday, Governor Andy Beshear announced his office would issue an order to close two state parks in the state.

In Whitley County, Cumberland Falls State Park was one of the two that is in the order.

"Sad but not surprised, I saw that coming," said Ben Childers a drone pilot who often takes video of the falls.

This direction is a result of people failing to properly self distance.

"Well it's definitely sad for the people who like to go and visit for whatever various reasons they may have," said Childers.

Cumberland Falls is a major tourist attraction for Southern Kentucky and losing that for an undetermined amount of time, Childers says, is big for the region.

"Closing Cumberland Falls and any other extensive lists of closures you can really tell just in the foot traffic downtown, rightfully so, it has decreased, and business has taken a hit," said Childers. "Around here it's huge it is one of the main tourist attractions in the entire state let alone this area, so for something that big and that important to our tourism economy to be closed, it's definitely going to be an impactful event for the near future."

For people who like to get outdoors, they are now left finding somewhere else to self distance in nature.

"Oh, it's miserable for people like me who like to go hiking and be outdoors, to not be able to do that as freely as we have been in the past," said Childers.

We did reach out to Cumberland Falls State Park officials who did not want to comment until they saw the order from the governor's office.