SOAR "Proof Booths" show dreams turning into reality

PIKEVILLE, Ky. (WYMT) - Day 2 of the Soar Summit kicked off Friday morning.

Speakers including Matt Bevin and Congressman Hal Rogers talked about the growth of Kentucky's economy.

Another part of the summit included showcasing what Appalachia has to offer, called proof booths.

Many of the booths started as a dream and in the past year, turned into a reality.

"Last year I was sitting in the crowd with the dream of Silverliner," said Chris Tomlinson.

Tomlinson is the CEO of Silverliner, a tanker truck manufacturing facility based in Pikeville.

"To sit in the crowd and see all the great things going on and wanting to be a part of it then actually you are a part of it and helping everybody, it's tremendous," explained the CEO.

Tomlinson set up his "Proof Booth" to show people what they bring to the area.

"I just really love being able to pass along some of the information and help people learn in a real safe environment," said Danny Driskill.

Driskill works at the University of Pikeville Kentucky College of Osteopathic Medicine.

"This "simulance" allows us to take a whole range of training aids and around to different places," Driskill pointed out.

This is the first year for "proof booths" at the SOAR Summit.

In previous years, the tables were called "innovation booths".

"I love being here. SOAR is just an absolutely tremendous event," said Tomlinson.

The Silverliner CEO says he enjoys seeing all the new booths come to life.

"The energy is wonderful and it makes you so happy to be a part of Eastern Kentucky," Tomlinson said.

Many "proof booths" were only ideas last year.

SOAR officials say they are excited to see what new booths pop up next year.

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