SKCTC students and staff create "care closet" to meet situational need of students

Published: Apr. 17, 2019 at 9:30 PM EDT
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Staff and Students at the Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College Cumberland Campus started a "care closet" to fulfill student situational need.

Staff say after seeing the situational need from students on a daily basis, they wanted to help light burdens for students in any way they could.

"We decided, hey, we're going to get some donations. We're going to make this dark room that was just sitting here, and we're going to turn it into a care closet," says student Tiffany Hampton.

Donations started coming in on February 14th, when the project started. But, several staff and students continue to contribute.

Staff and students alike say the mission of the project is to serve student need anywhere from having items that one might forget, all the way to providing food that students that take home to feed their families.

"We help them academically. But they also need help inside and outside of the classroom," says Cumberland Campus Director of Academic Support Center, Kathy Ditty.

Now, staff say they are hoping to continue growing the project.

"We are hoping that not only will we draw from our faculty and staff, and students. But from churches and community. Uh, we'd like to see it grow." says Ditty.

Staff say they hope more will be encouraged by the project. And say, if anyone has any question on how they can start a similar project they can contact Kathy Ditty at the Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College Cumberland Campus.

The "care closet" is located on the second floor of Chrisman Hall.

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