Robin Holbrook 'always remembered' at Eula Hall Health Center

Published: Jul. 3, 2019 at 6:22 PM EDT
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More than one month after his death, friends and family of Robin Holbrook joined together at the Eula Hall Health Center in Floyd County.

The physician assistant died May 31 in a motorcycle crash, but his memory is living on at the center.

"It's heartbreaking. It's really hard on me," said clinic founder Eula Hall. "Robin had been with us for 30 years and he was more like one of my children."

Hall said his death was felt by the entire Mud Creek community. Holbrook's co-workers agreed.

"We're gonna remember him no matter what," said office manager April Herald. "And his patients are gonna remember him no matter what. He was an unforgettable person."

Hall said, since his funeral was held in Magoffin County, many of his patients never got the chance to formally say goodbye.

So the staff at the center held a homecoming celebration Wednesday afternoon in his honor. Because they said it’s what he would want.

"A couple of months before he passed, he had expressed to me and the nurse manager that he felt like the clinic needed a homecoming," said Herald. "Like a big celebration so that we could invite the community."

So, that's what they did. And they made it into a celebration of his life to give the patients a chance to say goodbye while seeing one of Robin’s wishes come to fruition.

They said they are now trying to move forward and take care of the patients because they know it's the best way to honor "Dr. Robin."

They said someone will step in to take care of Holbrook's patients, but he will "always be remembered."

"They make take his space, but they'll not take Robin's place," said Hall.