Riders saddle up for the annual Breathitt County Trail Ride

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BREATHITT, Ky. (WYMT) - There's something about saddling up your horse and heading into the mountains that makes you feel like nothing else in the world matters. It's a feeling that many people experience at the Breathitt County Trail Ride.

"We got a lot of horse people in Breathitt County," says Ader Butler, who is attending the trail ride.

This is a four-day event that brings people in from far and wide to saddle up and enjoy the scenic views Breathitt County has to offer.

"It brings people from out of state to see what a beautiful country we have to ride in," said Leeanna Frazier, who has attended the trial ride all three years.

Not only does the trail ride provide an amazing experience for riders but it also helps boost the local economy.

"It supports our county, brings money into our county, It helps our businesses a lot," said Vice President of Breathitt County Horsemen's Association, D.J. Fugate.

For the past three years, the Breathitt County Horsemen's Association hosted this event to not only bring riders together but to shine a light on their community.

"If you just come back and drive through here you ain't going to enjoy all this," Fugate explains.

The trail ride will continue until Sunday evening.

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