Retired couple plans to help with Hurricane Dorian relief

ASHLAND, Ky. (WSAZ) - A couple from eastern Kentucky left Monday to help with Hurricane Dorian relief.

Photo Credit: WSAZ

Mike and Charlene Qualls have been volunteers with the American Red Cross chapter in Ashland for about five years. They are both retired but continue to volunteer.

"We didn't want to just sit at home and do nothing," said Charlene. "We want to help so we are doing whatever we can do."

They say they have responded to disasters in Florida, Louisiana and even locally including devastating flooding in Kanawha County in 2016.

“Some of them have lost everything they have,” said Charlene. “But as long as they are alive, they’re okay.”

The Qualls aren’t sure where they will end up. They are heading to a national Red Cross staging area in Montgomery, Alabama to wait for Dorian to make landfall. From there, they will learn where they need to go with cleaning and food supplies.

They are taking an emergency response vehicle with them filled with supplies. The vehicle is relatively new to the team. It was added last year thanks to a grant from Kentucky Power.

Volunteering is a bit personal for Charlene. She is from Johnson County and saw the devastating floods that hit her community in 2015. She says that is what inspired her to help where she can.

“We’re going out, we’re feeding them, getting them something to eat, and something to clean their houses with," said Charlene. "We’re just out there to help them and ease them during this stressful time.”

The Qualls say they expect to be gone for about two weeks.

Local Red Cross leaders say they will still have plenty of equipment and volunteers to respond to local disasters while the Qualls are gone.

If you would like to donate to the American Red Cross relief, text Dorian to 90999.

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