Report: James Comer ready to run if Matt Bevin backs out of governor's race

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WASHINGTON D.C. (WYMT) - At least one Republican has expressed his willingness to take Matt Bevin's place if the governor chooses to not run for reelection.

The Herald-Leader reports U.S. Rep James Comer is getting calls and texts from Kentucky Republicans who are concerned that Bevin has not filed paperwork to run.

Comer lost to Bevin in the 2015 primary by 83 votes.

He told the Herald-Leader he will not run against an incumbent governor. Instead, he will wait to see whether or not Bevin actually files to run. If nothing happens before the deadline, Comer said he has a "significant interest in the race".

The two apparently have not spoken since that fateful 2015 election. Comer has been quick to criticize Bevin during his term.

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