Rep. Robert Goforth: Governor Bevin's past may have cost the race

Published: Nov. 7, 2019 at 6:06 PM EST
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The Republican candidates in the 2019 Kentucky general election carried the party to victory in five out of six statewide races, and party representatives say this is evidence of how deeply the state runs red.

So how could incumbent Governor Matt Bevin lose to Democrat Andy Beshear?

talked to Representative Robert Goforth, who challenged Bevin in the Republican primary back in May.

Goforth believes some of the reasons he decided to run against Bevin are the same reasons why the governor got about 5,000 votes less than Governor-elect Beshear.

"Think it was just the way that he talks to people and the attitude sometimes," Goforth said.

Bevin's primary opponent said he even tried to warn the governor before the general election.

"Let them know I thought he was in trouble and we tried to help him but he refused to let me help him," said Goforth.

Despite the results, Goforth said the Republican Party of Kentucky is as strong as ever.

"As far as preserving our conservative values, people in Kentucky want those preserved and we proved that on Tuesday night with overwhelming support for the entire ticket, except for that race," he said.

Due to the .3 percent margin between Bevin and Beshear, Bevin called for an official recanvass. Once that is over, Goforth wants everyone to accept the results and move on. Other lawmakers agree.

"If you don't have widespread proof of significant fraud, then you need to concede and we need to move on as a Commonwealth of Kentucky," said Republican Rep. Jason Nemes.