Recent shooting leaves the Combs Community with questions

PERRY COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - There are still many questions after a man was found shot to death on Elm Shoal Branch on Wednesday.

Police say Terry Stidham was either in or near a truck when he was killed. We still do not know how many shots were fired and nobody is in custody.

Many in the community say they are unsure of what led to Stidham's death but are sad to hear of the loss.

Johnny Angelini has lived in the Combs Community for most of his life and says any killing in his neck of the woods is startling.

"Well, it kind of saddens you to see someone lose their life, you know?"

He says in his younger years, the world seemed much different.

Growing up, Angelini and his friends would sit on what is now the steps of the post office, just talking and watching life pass them by.

He says back then, they would not have questioned their safety quite as much as folks do now.

"I used to sit over there and talk to my buddies," Angelini said. "Back when I was growing up we'd listen to [the] radio. [We] didn't get into a whole lot. But you heard stuff still go on like that but not too much, you know what I mean?"

Many neighbors say they have never seen Stidham before and they wonder what led both him and shooter to the area.

For now, they just hope police can pin down what exactly happened.

"They do the best they can, you know? And when they are called and they have to, they step up and go to the scene and do their job," Angelini said.

He says regardless of what happened, he is sorry to hear one man's family is now grieving.

"I'd say it saddens most of the community to see. Our thoughts and wishes go out to them."

Police say no arrests have been made. At this time, they are still gathering information on the unknown shooter and a possible motive.

We will report updates as we recieve them.

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