Ralph Gabbard Scholarship helping build Leslie County student's future

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LESLIE COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) Wednesday marks the halfway point of the WYMT Whayne Supply Mountain Classic. Every year teams from across the region gather for one thing that unites Eastern Kentucky: basketball. The Mountain Classic is much more than just a tournament, every year scholarships offered to students from local schools in hopes of financially helping them achieve their dreams.

This year three Ralph Gabbard Memorial Broadcast Scholarships were given out to students in the area. Savannah Morgan, a senior at Leslie County High School was one of the three. She said she will use the scholarship to pursue a career in writing, something she has been passionate about since she was a kid.

“All of my classmates would start bringing me their papers and wanted me to read over them and like edit them and stuff and I actually enjoyed doing it,” said Savannah Morgan.

Morgan is involved in many organizations, from volleyball to the National Honor Society, but writing is more than an extracurricular activity.

“I guess I just really like writing because it kind of like enables me to express myself,” said Morgan. “The big dream would be to become an editor for a big-time magazine or newspaper like the New York Times. That would just be awesome.”

She plans on attending Eastern Kentucky University and getting a degree in English or Communications. After college, she dreams of moving to California and living out her dream job.

“I'd just love to like live there and maybe be fulfilling my dream of becoming an editor,” said Morgan.

Morgan also said she would love to one day teach English or Communications.

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