Protein snacks and trail mixes produced in Tenn. recalled due to listeria concerns

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LENOIR CITY, Tenn. (WYMT/WVLT/CBS)- Protein snack trays and trail mixes sold in 10 states are being recalled because they contain hard-boiled eggs from a Georgia processor linked to a deadly outbreak of listeria.

The producer of the snack food, Fresh Location in located Lenoir City, Tennessee, has recalled products sold in convenience stores, hospitals, hotels and vending machines, according to the FDA.

The FDA said the products could have been delivered in the following states; Tennessee, Illinois, Missouri, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Kentucky, Virginia, Indiana and Mississippi.

Health officials issued a public safety alert regarding the eggs due to potential contamination with listeria that has left people sick in Florida, Maine, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Texas.

One person in Texas died and four others were hospitalized as a result of the contamination., according to the CDC.

The recall includes the following:
-Protein Snack Tray 6.44-ounce total weight packaged in a four-compartment plastic tray with UPC: 8-5511000804-6 and with "fresh by" lot dates of 12/21/19, 12/22/19, 12/24/19, 12/27/19, 12/28/19, 12/29/19, 12/31/19, 01/03/20, 01/04/20.

Protein Trail Mix 3.52-ounce total weight packaged in a 10.5-ounce plastic cup with UPC: 8-5511000813-8 and with "fresh by" lot dates of 12/23/19, 12/24/19, 12/26/19, 12/29/19, 12/30/19, 12/31/19, 01/02/20, 01/05/20, 01/06/20.

Consumers who bought the products are urged to return the products for a refund. Anyone with questions is asked to call Fresh Location at 865-717-6800.

A list of additional recalled products can be found here.