Prosecutor: Former adoption attorney pleads guilty to felony charge

Published: Sep. 11, 2018 at 10:35 PM EDT
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Christy Smith Grayson, the Martin County Attorney who is indefinitely stripped of her ability to practice law, is entering into a plea agreement. That is according to special prosecutor Arnold Turner.

Turner says Grayson is pleading guilty to one felony charge of possession of a forged instrument. He says she possessed a forged court document with a faked judge's signature.

Earlier this year, she was indicted on six felony charges for allegedly forging a judge's signature among other things.

One woman who used Grayson as her adoption attorney and who later filed a complaint against her which led to this case says she is thankful the conclusion is near.

"It was very stressful for our family and the Fletchers. I know what it's like. It's not fun", said Gina Patrick. "I had her children in mind. She's got young kids. And I wouldn't want that on my conscience at all."

Gina Patrick says she used Grayson as her adoption attorney, only to find out work was not being done. Patrick says she was misled and had to hire another attorney to make sure her adoption was finalized.

She, along with the other family involved in the case, asked the prosecutor not to recommend prison time for Grayson so she is not separated from her family.

"The reason why I'm ok with it is because my adoption got finalized", said Patrick. "My grandson is mine. So I can rest easy. But there are some out there that don't have that comfort."

Another family who is involved in a separate case against Grayson says they lost their chance to adopt a child when they decided to trust Grayson.

"It's felt sort of like a death to us because we have tried for nine years to have a child of our own and we've never succeeded", said Ashley Williamson, who used Grayson as her adoption attorney and later filed a complaint against her. "And we thought that was one time we actually got what we were praying for and hoping for."

Grayson has been ordered to write apologies to the families and pay restitution. She will be sentenced next month.

We reached out to her attorney in the case for a comment and he declined.