Prestonsburg man receives prize of $5,000 a week for life

Published: Aug. 30, 2019 at 6:19 PM EDT
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Publishers Clearing House gave away a large prize in Prestonsburg Friday afternoon.

Ricky Williams won $5,000 a week for life.

"I dreamed about it but I never really knew if it would happen to me or not. But it has and man I am so proud," said Williams.

He entered to win for more than 10 years, and the winning moment still does not feel real.

"When I looked out I about went down I tell you. What a feeling man. You wouldn't know. I'm still shakin'," said Williams.

Williams spent his life as a carpenter. He worked long hours with little pay.

"$5,000 a week can you imagine that? I worked my hind end off never did bring that home a week," said Williams.

He can finally get out of debt.

"I'm gonna pay off my bills and I might be driving a new Ford truck after a while and I don't know, take my kids out to dinner tonight," said Williams.

Danielle Lam has been a part of the Prize Patrol for years, and would not give it up for anything.

"Best job in the world. People always say who has a better job Santa Claus or the Prize Patrol and I would say us because we get to change people's lives," said Lam. "I've never had someone open the door unhappy. We literally change peoples lives with that big check."

She loves the reactions.

"You never know what you're gonna get when you knock on the door, if people are gonna faint, if they're gonna cry and Ricky's reaction was just pure joy," said Lam.

Publishers Clearing House has given out more than $425 million.