Preparing to hit the lake this holiday weekend? COVID-19 impacts lake communities

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PULASKI COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - As Memorial Day weekend approaches, many people usually spend it on the lake.

As the water sits calmly on Lake Cumberland, it will not be like that for long.

Michelle Allen, Executive Director of the Somerset-Pulaski County Convention of Visitors Bureau, says with the weekend approaching folks come to the area from several states to enjoy the lake life.

“Without COVID-19 we have got thousands of thousands of visitors that are coming to see us. We see boats and trailers and campers," said Allen. “If they don’t have a natural attraction there’s nothing for anybody to be able to do following the CDC rules. We are able to follow the CDC rules when folks are out on their boat by themselves.”

Allen says during COVID-19 pandemic, there is no better way to quarantine than on a boat.

“We have over 1200 miles of shoreline. So you can go somewhere and see somebody or you can find another cove and not see somebody for a couple of days and just be by yourself," Allen said.

As the boats line the dock ready for the holiday weekend, Allen says the coronavirus has positive and negative impacts on the area.

"They are doing really well with our boat sales whether it’s jet skis or pontoons. Houseboat rentals are doing well because people can rent something and still be by themselves," Allen said.

Negatively impacting the area hotels and lodging.

“The numbers that they are looking for that they are used to anywhere from 80 to 90 percent is probably more to 30 or 35 percent," Allen said.

As people prepare to get some fresh air, hit the water, and hopefully enjoy some rays of sun being together apart from one boat to another.

“Come on we are so excited to see you. We have just been waiting for you. We are preparing for you," said Allen.

Restaurants in the area are also preparing to open this weekend by adding additional outdoor seating to follow the governor's guidelines.

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