Power outage leaves Buckhorn without water

Published: Apr. 17, 2020 at 6:06 PM EDT
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It is well documented that The Village of Buckhorn often has


Sunday's storms knocked out power to the City of Hazard's water treatment plant. As a result, water levels in the higher elevation tanks dropped and left some without water.

"We are at the end of the line and it's a little harder to push water out here to us," said Billy Smith the interim CEO of Buckhorn Children and Family Services.

They lost water nearly one day after they lost power.

The Center has a way of getting water when they lose power.

"We take a water delivery plus our staff goes to Walmart and buys some water initially so we can prepare food, and then it becomes the essentials of flushing the commodes and cottages and all that," said Smith.

While they have plans in place and they are getting help from the county, they cannot help but get frustrated at the lack of a fix to their issues.

"The most frustrating thing for us is we have the largest body of water in the county right next door to us. I'd like to think of some way figure out some way to make use of that resource right here in our community to keep this from ever happening again," said Smith talking about Buckhorn Lake.

At about 11:00 Friday morning they saw their water return.

"It's a big relief on our kitchen staff, it's a big relief on our cottage staff, it's one thing less on their already heavy workload," said Smith.

While relieved they are still preparing for the next time they lose water.