Political science professor breaks down election results

Published: Nov. 6, 2019 at 6:33 PM EST
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The votes are counted and the results are in after the election for several statewide elections on Tuesday.

Anticipation built Tuesday night for both Democrats and Republicans as results started to roll in specifically eyeing the gubernatorial race.

Steven Barracca, a political science professor at Eastern Kentucky University, says the results show Kentucky can be a diverse political state.

“Fundamentally it suggest that Kentucky is a socially conservative state which explains how republicans did well statewide yet the state is not economically conservative it still has a populous economic element and I think Governor Bevin‘s pension strategy annoyed people in that camp.”

Barracca says the governor's race came down to one thing.

"The other side opposition to Bevin was just more motivated," said Barracca. “Governor Bevin pursued a pretty conservative and aggressive policy agenda with pension reforms and social issues as well. So I think it was a given that he was going to generate some opposition. “

He says it was about more than just policies.

“The fact that the attorney general of the same party got 70,000 more votes than the governor got really suggest this was somewhat personal.”

Looking at the results from the rest of the statewide ticket, Barraca says republicans have something to look forward to.

“That’s a good sign to have a farm team to be working from for the future of the party. That presents a challenge for the Democrats.”

Republican candidates have been announced the winners of the races for Attorney General, Secretary of State, Treasurer, Auditor, and Agriculture Commissioner races.

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