Police officers use different approach to catch people texting and driving

Published: Apr. 12, 2019 at 4:52 PM EDT
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The Barbourville Police Department used a unique approach to find texters and drivers, along with seatbelt violators, Friday.

Officers used a tow truck to get a high vantage point. Traveling up and down US 25, they looked for violations.

"Today, we're looking for various distracted drivers. Anything from eating or a dog in your lap," said Patrolman Jake Knuckles. "However, we are going to focus on the cell phone usage."

Police said riding without seatbelts or texting and driving are minor citations, but they can lead to serious crashes and sometimes deadly consequences.

"You can take a minor rear-end accident and the occupants are not restrained, and unless an airbag stops them, you can see the evidence of the windshield where there is a spiderweb where their head hits it," said Knuckles.

Not wearing a seatbelt or texting while driving results in a $25 citation.

"There's a lower seatbelt usage in rural areas than in urban. Our last survey was 60-68% seatbelt usage," said Knuckles.