Update: Inmate claims he did not hold girlfriend in tent against her will

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LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Updated, Friday
A woman found safety inside the Corbin Walmart, claiming her boyfriend was holding her against her will. The boyfriend says otherwise.

The woman told police on Tuesday that Elmo Carroll threatened to beat her if she left the tent they were staying in. The tent was on his uncle's property.

When the two went to Walmart, store employees found her hiding and gave her a safe place while they called deputies. She had old and recent-looking bruises on her face.

Carroll was still in jail Thursday, facing assault and unlawful imprisonment charges. He claims his girlfriend made up the story.

From jail, Carroll told WYMT that his girlfriend had just left an abusive relationship and still had the bruises and scars from that, not from him.

"When I found her she was like that, really, you know. Bruised up and stuff from her last relationship. It's was up in the Economy Inn from London where her father and them kicked her out. That's the reason it was the way it was, my family wouldn't take me back," Carroll said.

Carroll admitted to us that he has been in jail before numerous times, but claims he would not hurt anyone.

"I've had different... I have had a record. I have had different things wrong with me," he said. "I've never held a woman against her will. I have never turned around and hurt a woman. Surely I have never hurt a woman."

But we found an arrest citation from March 2016 that shows charges against Carroll for fighting with his girlfriend and her father. He pleaded guilty to two counts of fourth-degree assault and other charges.

"And I'm hoping to get a fair trial, and on this. I didn't do it," Carroll insisted.

Police said the victim's physical injuries were not serious enough to require medical treatment.

Original Story, Thursday
On Tuesday evening deputies in Laurel County were dispatched to Walmart in Corbin.

Deputies received a complain that a woman was hiding out inside the store.

With the assistance of store personnel, they found out that this woman was held against her will for more than two days by her boyfriend in a tent on a property in Laurel County.

Deputies learned that the woman tried to escape from the tent but her boyfriend would hit her multiple times.

When the two came to Walmart the woman was able to get away and get assistance from employees.

Deputies noticed new and old visible injuries to the woman's face, jaw bones, and nose area.

The boyfriend, 35-year-old Elmo Clinton Carroll was searching throughout the store for the woman when police arrested him.

Carroll was charged with domestic violence and unlawful imprisonment.

Carroll is at the Laurel County's Correction Center in London.

There is not a photo of him at this time.

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