Police: Couple found with large quantity of meth

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PIKE COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Two people were arrested Tuesday at a hotel in Pike County.

Pikeville Police say, Amanda Casey, 22, and Jermey Otto Gonzales, 25, were both arrested at the Brookshire Inn in Pikeville.

Officers say the hotel clerk told them she had received several reports from guests in another room that they heard people fighting and when she went to check on the people in the room no one answered the door.

Police say when they got to the room the Gonzales told them he did not know what was wrong with Casey as she would not wake up.

Officers tried to grab Casey's hand which is when she woke-up, grabbed a wallet and tried to hide it from the officer. However, the officer took it from her to look for an ID and found two different types of pills inside.

Police also say they found digital scales with a crystal-like substance on them and several empty baggies on the nightstand. They also say they found a shoe box inside a backpack. Inside the shoe box was a gallon sized ZipLock bag, which was half full with what is believed to be 26 ounces of crystal meth.

Officers also say inside Gonzales wallet they found $394 and inside Casey's wallet, they found $4,309.

Casey was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance first degree (methamphetamine), trafficking a controlled substance first degree, buying/possessing drug paraphernalia and possessing a controlled substance third degree.

Gonzales was arrested and charged with possessing a controlled substance first degree (methamphetamine, trafficking a controlled substance first degree and buying/possessing drug paraphernalia.

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