Man killed in officer-involved shooting

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KNOTT COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Kentucky State Police Trooper Leo Slone and Knott County Sheriff Deputy Robbie Slone were attempting to serve a warrant on Hemp Patch Road in the Pippa Passes community of Knott County.

KSP Public Information Officer Jody Sims told WYMT the two officials arrived on scene before 6 p.m. Wednesday night and while talking with the person they were serving the warrant to, they heard someone underneath the trailer.

Officials found Christopher Jacobs underneath the trailer and were eventually able to get him out, but said he then headed to a vehicle nearby.

Officials told WYMT that the two officials tried to get Jacobs to exit the vehicle. According to Sims, Deputy Slone approached the vehicle and tried to force Jacobs out. At that time, Jacobs slammed on the gas, accelerating into the Deputy's vehicle.

Sims told WYMT that Jacobs then proceeded to put the vehicle into reverse, where Trooper Slone was standing. At that time, Slone fired shots at Jacobs.

Jacobs was taken out of the vehicle by officials and CPR was performed to try to save Jacobs. EMS and other emergency officials responded to the scene.

WYMT talked with a neighbor, Trent Watson, who said he has known Jacobs since Jacobs was around three or four-years-old.

Watson said he heard the shots fired at Jacobs when he was standing on his back porch.

He said Jacobs was always nice to him and his children and he will miss seeing him.

"If he would have got killed in New York City, but for it to happen right here in the holler that he grew up in, that I watched him grow up in, and then have to drive by that place when I got to take my baby for a ride on the four-wheeler or something, it's going to scar me for life," said Trent Watson who knew Christopher Jacobs.

Kentucky State Police said they will continue to investigate the incident.

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