Police: Pike County man murdered at his home

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PIKEVILLE, Ky. (WYMT) - Kentucky State Police are investigating a shooting in Pike County.


Troopers say 54-year-old Clancy Adkins was shot inside his home on Coon Branch.

Adkins' death was a shock for the family.

"I don't understand how anything like this could ever happen," Beverly Adkins, Clancy's Wife, said.

For three years Adkins battled leukemia.

"He was so sick when we found out he had leukemia I thought he was going to die then and we didn't think he'd pull through," Beverly Adkins said.

She said for one year Adkins stayed in the hospital fighting the disease.

Recently, however, there was good news.

Adkins entered remission and went off chemotherapy.

"That Saturday when I left home he was fine, he was in the best mood ever," Beverly Adkins said.

Later that same day the unimaginable happened.

Around 6 pm Adkins was found shot.

"I would have never thought that he would have went out like this, no way," Beverly Adkins said.

Saturday evening troopers began investigating.

Neighbors said Adkins' death left them in shock.

"I don't see who would do that, you know," James Hopson, Clancy Adkins' neighbor, said.

Hopson has lived next to Adkins for more than ten years.

He said now he's scared to leave his family alone.

"After this incident it's just made me think more cautiously, you know, about my family, my neighbors and everybody," Hopson said.

Adkins' body was sent to the state medical examiner's office for an autopsy.

Family said visitation for Adkins will be Monday and Tuesday at 5 pm for family and 6 pm for friends at Lucas and Son Funeral Home.

The funeral is Wednesday at noon.

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