Police: Manager at McDonald's dealt drugs in front of officers

Published: Sep. 18, 2018 at 1:40 PM EDT
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Two men in Clay County are behind bars after police say the pair were dealing drugs in front of two Manchester Police officers.

Police arrested Jesse Fields and Derrick Chadwell

Both were charged with second-degree trafficking in a controlled substance.

Fields was charged with an additional charge of possession of marijuana.

Officials say the two officers were at the second window at McDonald's when Fields, the manager, walked out the door in front of them and handed what appeared to them to be a pill to Chadwell, who was on a bicycle.

"I was like is this real? They did a transaction right in front of them," said Assistant Police Chief Patrick Robinson. "It was right in front of their vehicle, there weren't any other vehicles in front of them."

The two police officers got out of their unmarked car and approached them.

"The manager said when they asked him 'you're selling him a pill' he said, 'he told me he was hurting so I was giving him something for his pain,'" Robinson added.

Chadwell allegedly threw the suspected pill on the ground.

Officials say the pill was Hydrocodone and it can fetch up to $10 on the street.

Fields and Chadwell were taken to the Clay County Detention Center.

McDonald's management gave us the following statement: "We are cooperating fully with police in their investigation and refer all other questions back to them."