Police: Explosive game cameras found in Harlan County

Published: Jun. 9, 2016 at 6:22 PM EDT
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In Southeastern Kentucky, and many areas across the region, hunting is not just an activity or sport; it is a tradition.

Three alarming discoveries in Harlan County, however, have many people worried.

"It could detonate, explode, and possibly blow your hand up,” explained Trooper Shane Jacobs, with Kentucky State Police.

Harmless objects - game cameras - filled with not-so-harmless materials - explosives.

"These cameras are used for taking pictures of wildlife such as deer,” said Jacobs.

Police say they could possibly be markers at marijuana patches, but the explosives are more likely used as theft deterrents.

"If you're in the woods, and you see a camera, obviously we're asking you not to approach that camera,” warned Jacobs.

Several people say it's common for these cameras to be stolen.

We went to a local pawn shop to find out how big of a problem that is.

"We only stock and order new cameras because the majority of the ones - I feel like - in this area that come through used, are usually stolen,” said George Brock, who manages East End Pawn.

He says it's especially troublesome during peak hunting season.

"I get a call almost every day; people are looking for stolen trail cameras,” said Brock.

Police say, when they find out who is placing explosives on the game cameras, charges will be filed.

If you have information involving the cameras, you should call Kentucky State Police, Post 10 at 606-573-3131.