Pineville hospital administration say they now have funds to pay employees

Published: Dec. 27, 2018 at 7:31 PM EST
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Update 12/28/18

Friday morning marked day seven that employees of a southeastern Kentucky hospital woke up without paychecks.

However, administrators with Southeastern Kentucky Medical Center in Pineville reached out to WYMT saying they just received funding and started distributing the checks.

Thursday they attributed the delay to a $200,000 issue with Medicare.

Original Story

Southeastern KY Medical Center administrators say they are having a delay in paying employees after a error from Medicare.

A paycheck that is six days late, that some employees say they were depending on for Christmas.

"We have had to cancel Christmas with our family," says employee Mary Davis.

Employees say the paychecks were due on Friday, and they have been told every day to check back and see if they were going to get paid the money they were owed.

"Today we were told to call this morning at nine a-m. Have been calling at nine a-m every thirty minutes, still no paychecks," says Davis.

Davis says she and her family are keeping up their Christmas tree, with no presents underneath, until she finally gets her paycheck.

"My younger ones asked if the Grinch was real. I said yeah he is. He is sitting in Florida in his eight-hundred and fifty thousand dollar home. And, here we are, waiting on Christmas," says Davis.

Administrator Kevin Couch says the delay comes from an error with Medicare, creating a $200,000 shortfall.

"There was an error on their end. Uh, and so there was, there was some issues with getting payment from Medicare," says Couch.

Couch says they are working to make sure that any issues with payers are resolved and they can solve any issues from recurring.

"We're working tirelessly to get these issues resolved with the payers. And, we are working tirelessly to get the, get this payroll payed, get it behind us," says Couch.

Couch says they expect to hand out paychecks by the end of the week.