Pikeville Medical Center brings three new cancer treatments to patients

Published: May. 8, 2019 at 7:29 PM EDT
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Three new cancer treatments will soon be available through Pikeville Medical Center's (PMC) Radiation Oncology Department.

Radiation Oncologist Brad Collett says these drugs, containing radioactivity, act as a sort of "magic bullet," targeting cancer cells directly.

Xofigo (Radium 223) is used to treat prostate cancer by emitting alpha particles affecting cancer cells in bone metastases.

Zevalin (Yttrium 90) is used to treat certain types of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma by injecting radioactive material into the bloodstream, distributing to targeted and neighboring cells in the body. Zevalin is also a combination of immunotherapy and radiotherapy.

Small doses of Radioiodine can determine if one's thyroid is functioning correctly and even locate tumors, while larger doses are meant to destroy cancer cells and diseased tissue.

"Some of the lower doses we are able to use now ... it's safe for people to leave the hospital if we can make sure they are again, in kind of quasi-isolation for a few days," Collett said. "Because of this we can offer these treatments here now and patients don't have to travel."

Doctors say to expect these treatments to become available to patients at PMC within the next few weeks.

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