UPDATE: Pike County pharmacy robbed at gunpoint

Published: Feb. 2, 2016 at 10:53 AM EST
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Employees tell us it was a typical Tuesday, until a man ran into Commonwealth Pharmacy with a gun, jumping over the counter and pointing it at employees that morning.

"He demanded Suboxone and Subutex," said Cassie Newsome, who is a staff Pharmacist at the pharmacy.

Newsome said he held the gun just a few inches from her body while she got him the drugs.

"I can remember that his gun was off safety because it had a red firing pin sticking out," Newsome added.

Employees say they feared for their life.

"He was ready to fire on us had we not given him what he wanted. He was very aggressive," Newsome said.

Employees tell us the man left quickly and only took pills.

Pharmacist say the street value for the stolen pills is high.

Witnesses tell me when the man left Commonwealth Pharmacy he ran into a neighborhood that leads to the river.

Police spent majority of the day searching the area for the thief.

"We immediately saturated the area and began searching around the homes, in the wooded areas and down by the bank," said Steven Mounts, the Public Affairs Officer for Kentucky State Police Post 9.

While the culprit did not physically hurt any of the workers, the fear he left behind will be hard to shake.

"It's not worth any of my girls or my life, drugs are not," said Newsome.

Commonwealth Pharmacy stayed open after the robbery.

Kentucky State Police say they have made an arrest related to the robbery.

Kentucky State Police confirmed that they arrested Christopher Daniels in connection to the robbery.