Pike County churches showing community how to 'LoveLoud'

Published: Jun. 25, 2019 at 5:57 PM EDT
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A group of churches in Pike County is working to show the community what it means to love loud.

Churches partnered with the Pike Association of Southern Baptists for a week-long community service event.

Everyone meets together before breaking up into different service groups. Each service group provides a different "love offering" to people in the community.

Tuesday, a few groups offered car washes to anyone who drove up, while others worked on home improvement projects for community members in need. There were even a few yard sales in the mix. The unique thing is: everything is free.

Cameron Brashear said there is a very simple reason those in charge are not asking for anything in return.

"All of it's free because we know that the love of God is free, and we want to give His gift to many people," he said.

Brashear, a youth member at Meta Baptist, said the event is worthwhile.

"Our mission with LoveLoud is to spread the love of God and have the opportunity to talk with people and meet people," he said.

Jimmy Parsons, a member of Creekside Church, said it's about giving back to the community.

"It's just another outreach for our church, into our community, to get the Word of Jesus Christ out," Parsons said.

He said it is mostly about showing the love of Jesus to the world.

The groups will continue to serve the community through Friday, June 28. For a daily list of services, follow "LoveLoud Pike" on Facebook.