Phelps' athletes honor former classmate this school year

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PHELPS, Ky. (WYMT) - Though school is back in session and students begin filling the halls, Phelps High School feels sort of empty without Gabbi McCoy

"There is that missing piece that will always be missing," says Gabbi's former basketball coach Johnny Fields.

Her death early this summer continues to leave a hole in many hearts but the legacy she left will never be forgotten.

"I think it speaks to who she was" added Fields.

Her legacy is left not just with her basketball team but for the entire athletic community.

"As a school and as a community we want to honor her and honor who she was," says Fields.

Whether it is putting a sticker on their helmet or putting her basketball number on their bows, each team is honoring Gabbi this season in a different way.

"Everything we do is going to be to honor her and to honor her memory."

So whether it is on the football field or the basketball court, Gabbi McCoy's impact will live on.

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