Perry County one of three counties to get Kentucky Humane Society grant

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HAZARD, Ky. (WYMT) - Perry County was one of three counties chose to start the Kentucky Humane Society's Love 120 project. The project has $1.2 million allocated to help the three shelters, the other two shelters are in Western and Central Kentucky.

"Yeah this has been a long time coming," said Tammy Noble, the Kentucky River Regional Animal Shelter Board Chairman. "This grant will help up with wellness in our communities, this is not just for a shelter, it's for our communities too."

The grant comes from the WaterShed Foundation, the shelter will work alongside the Kentucky Humane Society to improve everything from volunteer training, increased spay and neuter clinics and transports to the KHS.

"Help train our employees on different methods of doing things. Whether it comes to sanitation or it is starting different programs," Noble added. "We had to provide a lot of information and we didn't know why we were providing it, but now we do! and it's so exciting."

Officials with the KHS say they have worked with the Kentucky River Regional Animal Shelter before, and see the need for help in the county.

"The shelter conditions in terms of the physical structure is not ideal for the number of animals that are coming through there, there is a high number of animals," said Lori Redmon, the Kentucky Humane Society's President and CEO. "We are not coming in as the big city folks telling people what to do. We are offering suggestions, support, and financial resources."

Workers at the Kentucky River Regional Animal Shelter say that they can always use volunteers. If you would like to help you can contact the shelter at (606) 439-4064.

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