Perry Central students receive opportunity to broadcast sweet sixteen game

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(WYMT) - Perry Central played in the Boys Sweet Sixteen Thursday up in Lexington and two students from the school got an opportunity that most students don't get.

Rylan Eddington and Colton Sizemore, two seniors at Perry County Central traveled up to Lexington with the team to do a radio broadcast for the school. The two say that they are thankful for the opportunity and that it was a blast for them to experience the Sweet Sixteen with the team.

"I think honestly it's a tight deal. It's been pretty wild. Mr. Lyttle, the person that's pretty much helped us through all this, that got us here, was even telling us that a lot of people do this for months and they don't even get to come here and we've just been doing this for a few weeks, and they're like you know what, we'll just let them in," said Sizemore.

"It's really great to be able to come down here with the team and watch them play. Obviously, we're still going to have to cheer them on while we're commentating on the radio, but yeah it's been a great experience so far," said Eddington.