Pep Rally and Predictions: Big Blue Nation's confidence is contagious

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ORLANDO, Fla. (WYMT) - Orlando is blue for the New Year, all because the Big Blue Nation traveled like everyone expected. Tuesday, the Cats will play in their biggest bowl game in 40 years - the 2019 VRBO Citrus Bowl.

You could feel the excitement like electricity in the air at the UK pep rally Monday afternoon. The Wildcats' band, cheer team and much of Big Blue Nation paraded through the streets.

Many fans trekked long distances to get to Orlando, and they could not be more excited for game day.

"And Big Blue has shown out and they're gonna show out. There's a lot of Penn State here, but I still say we got them outnumbered," said one eager Cats' fan.

The last time these two teams met was exactly 20 years ago Tuesday, also in Florida, at the Outback Bowl. Penn State won that year. But we've seen what this team can do this season, and fans are confident that the Cats have this in the bag.

"I'm going with, uh, Cats by 90."

"Oh yeah, I think we'll win by probably 21...well, I'll go 14."

"We'll probably get 34-24."

"Oh, we're gonna win. Uh, I predict we'll win by about 14."

"Uh, Cats 31, Penn State 21."

"Uhm Cats 24, Penn State 17."

"Uh, Cats 35, Penn State 21."

"Uh, I'll for 34-27."

"Well, the Cats by, you know, 90! Really hoping Benny Snell can get the alltime rushing record."

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