People in flood-prone communities watching for high water

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ESTILL COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT/WKYT) - People who live in areas prone to flooding are keeping an eye out for high water due to the recent and upcoming rains.

For an Estill County community along the Kentucky River, it's the same. Local officials warn those living in the area to be on alert, sister station WKYT reports.

"We are a river community. Most of the areas that flood, people are used to it. We're used to it," said Ronnie Riddell with Estill County Emergency Management. "Most people have those routes when they know they have to go somewhere they're planning ahead. They know that the river is possibly up and they probably have to take another route."

Even though the rain is moving on, the forecast in Ravenna still has the area reaching minor flood stage Wednesday morning.

"Just because the rain is over doesn't mean the hazard is necessarily is," said Riddell. "It takes time for the creeks and waterways to filter into the river and then for it to filter out of Estill County. Plus we have water coming to us from other counties off to the east of us."

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