PHOTOS/VIDEOS: Viewers share snake sightings across Eastern Kentucky

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(WYMT) - Whether slithering through yards or sleeping on warm paved roads, snakes are coming out to enjoy the summer weather.

Bobbie and Mack Compton

WYMT viewers across Eastern Kentucky submitted photos and videos of snakes in their area.

Tina Thornsberry shared with us a video of a large rattlesnake. Her son, CD Stephens, spotted the slithering predator while running on a trail near his home in Knott County.

Bobbie and Mack Compton shared pictures of four snakes they caught in Middlesboro. They say one was a Copperhead.

Jessica Nichole witnessed a black snake looking for a bird's nest in Floyd County.

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Fun facts about snakes:

- There are 33 common snakes known to Kentucky.

- Four of those snakes are venomous.

- The most common snake in Eastern Kentucky is the Copperhead.

- Two types of rattlesnakes roam the Bluegrass.

- Timber Rattlesnakes are the most commonly known rattlesnake in the mountains.

(Source: The University of Kentucky Agriculture page)

Bobbie and Mack Compton

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