'Our Christmas miracle': Dogs and cats about to be put down rescued, hundreds more to get homes for the holidays

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PERRY COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Volunteers are calling it a miracle.

Earlier this month, the Kentucky River Regional Animal Shelter was overcrowded. Some cages at the shelter held 2-3 dogs each.

The number of animals meant they were going to have to euthanize multiple dogs and cats, 23 in total.

Volunteers posted to Facebook that they needed help, and people from across the country stepped in.

Rescues, people and other shelters chipped in to help save the 23 animals, and rescue hundreds more.

About 200 cats and dogs will be sent to places where they will be able to find homes without the risk of euthanasia. This frees up the shelter and prevents them from having to put down animals in the future.

"Word got out to all of our rescue partners over the midwest area and into Tennessee that this was happening, and they more a less stepped up and said we're not gonna do this. It's definitely a miracle that this happened, it's our Christmas miracle because this is beyond the flesh, this is something God had to give us," said Tammy Noble with the Kentucky River Regional Animal Shelter.

Noble says Pit Bull and Pit Bull mixes were among the majority of the 23 animals. She says the shelter offers free spay and neuters to Pit Bulls and has a low-cost program for other animals.

12 of the 23 animals go to a fostering program for veterinarian students at Lincoln Memorial University Veterinary School.

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