"One of the most dangerous rescues"; Powell County Search and Rescue team saves stranded hiker

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POWELL COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Powell County Search and Rescue saved a lost hiker Tuesday night, after what team members called "one of the most dangerous rescues we have attempted."

Around 6:30 p.m., the team got a call about a 19-year-old man who was stranded on a cliff.

The man did not know what trail he was on, where he parked, or which direction he hiked in. He apparently "bushwacked" up a cliff and then got stuck after darkness set in. When asked what hiking gear he had, the man told rescue members "my boots".

The rescue team pinged his phone to find the general area he was in. He was nowhere near any official trails. Rescue members had to search along the cliff edges in the "dark, cold, rainy night".

After risking their lives on slippery, steep terrain and running into several dead ends, the team blew their whistle and heard the hiker call out. The hiker used his last one percent of battery power to turn on his flashlight and signal rescuers.

The hiker was cold and wet, but in good shape. It was too dangerous to bring him down the way rescuers came, so they found a safer route to Tunnel Ridge Road.

"This rescue could have easily had a different result," the team posted on Facebook. "Christian made it out safely, learned a valuable lesson and even mentioned that he would like to join the Powell County Search and Rescue team one day."