Old Elkhorn City school restored

Published: Dec. 20, 2018 at 7:45 PM EST
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The old Elkhorn City high school was restored and now serves as apartments for families.

"Yeah there used to be trophy cases here and teachers grabbing you out of the hall. You know it brings back old memories. It really does," said Carter Stacy who graduated from the old high school.

Many graduates from the old high school gathered today to re-live old memories.

Mike Taylor the Mayor of Elkhorn City was also a graduate and he said, "this is a lot of history that will always be here. Hundreds of thousands of kids went to school here."

And now families can add to the history.

"You can walk into the gymnasium there if four apartments in the gymnasium where so many kids use to play basketball," said Taylor.

These apartments will not only provide affordable housing but also a stable living environment.

"Because they are such beautiful structures we do the ultimate recycling in that we recycle these historic buildings and we convert them into beautiful apartments like you can see," said Holly Wiedemann the president of AUA Associates.

Wiedemann has done multiple projects throughout Kentucky and West Virginia.

"If we could not have pulled this off this would've been the end of the road for this school and we just couldn't bear for that to happen to Elkhorn City," said Wiedemann.

And even though it may look different now Mike Taylor said, "we didn't lose our old high school and it's really great to walk into the room we're in right now use to be, I think, a science class."

A piece of history that continues to live on.