Oklahoma girl catches unusual fish with teeth

Published: Jul. 24, 2018 at 11:14 PM EDT
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Kennedy Smith was fishing with her grandparents Sunday morning when she reeled in something only a couple people have ever seen before in Oklahoma.

Kennedy had a Pacu on the end of her line. According to Oklahoma Game Wardens, Pacu are closely related to the Piranha, and are naturally found in freshwater lake sand rivers in South America.

Pacu primarily feed on plant material, but will induldge in meat once in awhile like a Piranha, making them omnivorous.

Oklahoma Game Wardens said Pacu have been caught in a few fisheries in Oklahoma before. The fish most likely got there from individuals buying them as pets and releasing them when they outgrow the tank they were raised in.

Pacu can reach sizes up to 3.5 feet and 88 pounds.

Anglers who catch Pacu in Oklahoma are ask to take them out of the water and contact game warden. Experts say the fish are an invasive species that can cause damage to local ecosystems.