Officials work towards Kentucky Veterans Cemetery in Eastern Kentucky

Published: Dec. 7, 2016 at 3:07 PM EST
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A day which will live in infamy. A day where, even 75 years later, we still remember and honor those who were at Pearl Harbor.

"It chokes you up when you even think about what happened there that day," Said Vaughda Wooten.

This is true for Eastern Kentucky native and veteran, Vaughda Wooten.

"I had four tours in Germany, one tour in Saudi Arabia, in Desert Storm," Said Wooten.

At first, she planned to serve three years.

"And after three years, I cut myself and my blood ran green," Said Wooten.

So she decided to stay for 22 years.

"That flag meant more to me than anything in the world," Said Wooten.

After retiring in 2014, she says she still had more to give so she got the call to serve again.

"I got so many comments from my former soldiers,” Said Wooten. “They’re like you go Top."

Not to serve on the battlefield, but an empty field in Leslie County. Soon to be the Kentucky Veterans Cemetery Southeast.

It’s the only cemetery of its kind in Eastern Kentucky.

"It's reality now. It's here," Said Jimmy Sizemore, Leslie County Judge Executive.

"They don’t have to call me top, I'm not top anymore,” Said Wooten. “I'm just somebody that's working for them."

"Knowing that we can honor, even the WWII veterans, even if they weren't in Pearl Harbor, they were still sucked into that war after that event. Being able to honor them by giving them a dignified final resting spot, here, I’m going to tell you now, I’m going to cry every time we put one to rest,” Said Wooten.

Officials say the cemetery will have a memorial wall, a columbarium wall, and eventually, a scattering garden to scatter cremation remains.

They said they hope to have the cemetery complete sometime next year.

They say as of now, the capacity of the cemetery is 3,627.