Update: Water restored to Clay County

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CLAY COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Update: 1/15/2018

Clay County officials said water is restored to all customers. As of Monday, the Big Creek area is still under a boil water advisory. The water shortage emergency is still in effect and officials ask people to continue conserving water.


Many people across Eastern Kentucky have gone days without water.

Officials fear frigid temperatures starting Friday night could cause more problems.

Princess Henson lives in Hector, Kentucky. She said Thursday that she has been without water for almost a week.

"Everyone down this street, they don't have any water. They're having to get water out of the creek to flush their toilets," said Henson.

As another winter storm approaches, officials urge people to conserve water.

"We let the tanks empty during the day and we let them fill up at night. We can't fill it up at night because they're letting it run out," said Manchester Mayor James Garrison.

Garrison said the tanks may go dry if people continue running water throughout the day.

"If they turn it on, we'll be back in the same situation," said Garrison.

Supervised inmates from the Clay County Detention Center go door to door to pass out water to those in need.

"I really appreciate everything everyone does," said Henson.

Henson said bottled water is not a permanent solution.

"Bottled water can only go so far. I'm doing the best I can do," said Henson.

The mayor urges everyone to do their part.

"If they feel that they'll freeze up, they need to insulate their pipes," said Garrison.

Officials fear the problem may end up worse than before and said they are keeping an eye on the situation.

Garrison hopes to have water restored to everyone by Friday night.

Anyone who needs water in Clay County can call 606-598-3555.

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