Nurses and doctors reunite with boy they helped years ago

Published: Oct. 25, 2019 at 6:30 AM EDT
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It's not necessarily a family reunion, but it's something pretty close and was just as special.

A young boy wanted to return to the place that helped bring him into this world, all to say thanks for the care they provided for him when he was born.

Bentley Tarr's parents, Travis and Holly, says he was a normal baby when he was born, even though he was born two weeks early.

He was delivered at Cabell Huntington Hospital.

"Once he was delivered, Dr. Clark basically handed him to us and we cut the cord and he just became very flaccid and blue. I handed him back to Dr. Clark and he said he's not moving," said Travis Tarr. "He kind of looked at me and he just went real silent."

The Tarrs say it was the scariest moment of their life, not knowing what was happening with their little boy.

"They took him and they tried doing CPR on him for about 15 minutes and were passing him back and forth," said Holly Tarr. "They tired to intubate him and they couldn't and they were about to open his chest. Eventually they did succeed with the intubation. They said it was like hitting a brick. It damaged some tracheal cartilage, and he had tracheal obstruction."

Bentley was taken into the NICU, or Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, where he spent 11 days.

"We were very aware of the situation we were looking at, different types of disorders," said Bentley's mom. "But we knew God gave him to us for a reason then."

Fast-forward seven years later, Bentley is a healthy boy and is very active. He loves to play baseball and basketball. His parents credit God and his caring doctors and nurses for him being here today.

"He is a true miracle of God, and we call all the nurses and doctors here angels that took care of him," said Bentley's mom.

And now, so many years later, Bentley's family brought him back to the hospital where he was born to give him a chance to say thanks to his doctors and nurses.

"I just wanted to say thank you to the doctors because they helped me," Bentley said. "I didn't know all about it because it was a surprise."

"For me personally, I wanted him to know the efforts people went through to save him," said Bentley's dad. "I think for us as a family, it give us an opportunity to have a little closure in a good way."

A couple of Bentley's nurses say they immediately knew who he was when he walked through the doors, recognizing Bentley's family.

"I was surprised and very happy," said Jennifer Thompson. "He came at a good time. I needed a little pick me up. It was great to see how fantastic he was doing."

Bentley's nurses and doctors took him around the unit, showing him some of the different machines and rooms.

"I got to take pictures with them, with some of the doctors," Bentley said. "And I got to see my own room, 5977."

The visit, was a little emotional for Bentley's parents.

"We are very emotional all around and to be able to revisit here again was something to walk through those doors and walk in that room that he was actually at," said Bentley's mom.

His mom says for several years, he struggled with breathing problems. However, she says those have been getting better the past two years.

Bentley's family, as well as the nurses and doctors, say they have formed a special bond.

"There's some you just form a special relationship with, a special bond with," said Jessica Haas.

They all say they are amazed to see how far he has come in just a few short years and are eager to see what the future holds for him.

His nurses also added that he and his family can come back and visit them at any time.

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